Price increase with effect 01st January 2024

We haven't increased our prices for over 2 years but sadly we now have to do so. As we have all been experiencing, inflation has been particularly high in the past 18 months and this has now hit my business.  We have had increased cost of fuel whilst visiting the bees and other incidental materials.  However, it is the cost of the glass jars, lids and labels that has skyrocketed.  I have just bought a pallet of jars & lids and the increase on the previous order is 31%! In order to remain profitable I now need to increase the price to be £9.50 per jar with effect the beginning of 2024. This is just an 11.7% rise so I’m not passing on anywhere near the full increase of costs to you.  

I know price rises are never welcome but hope you understand that we are not immune to the increasing costs of production.

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