Our Apiaries

We currently have apiaries established in the Maidenhead, Bray, Temple, Windsor, Burnham and Paley Street areas. The local area is rich in forage for the bees and yet each area produces a slightly different colour and taste in the honey.

In spring we can have a large crop of oilseed rape honey but it depends if the local farmers have continued to sow the crop.  There have been problems growing it due to pollen beetles.  The bees quickly switch to foraging on other sources of nectar such as blackthorn, field maple, apple, pear and cherry blossoms and this has led to some very flavoursome and wonderfully different coloured honey.

 Honey bee working the cherry blossom

Our Maidenhead and Bray apiaries often produce large quantities of summer honey from the mature lime trees and the blackberry blossoms.  Occasionally we are lucky enough to obtain a small crop of honeydew honey in late summer but this is very infrequent. 

Last summer being very hot, enabled the heather in Valley Gardens, Windsor Great Park to yield nectar and we have a small quantity of bell and ling heather honey. It's very dark and a wonderfully distinctive flavour.  If you hold it up to the light it's actually a dark ruby colour.