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New hive stands installed at Burnham Apiary

Burnham apiary

The long winter months were an ideal time for me to build some new hive stands for our apiary that is now established near Burnham village.  This design is useful as they have folding legs and can therefore be easily transported on the roof of my vehicle. At a squeeze I can get four hives on each stand: The bee hives will be moved onto the site in the coming week. It was back breaking work digging and levelling the pavings slabs the stands are on!  

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Early swarm

Bray apiary

Turned up to inspect the bees in my Bray apiary and to transfer some nucleus colonies into full size hives.  Unfortunately I was a few days late as the bees in one nucleus decided they needed more space now!  Swarm was caught but then departed once again.  Hope they found a good home and are able to gather sufficient nectar to get them through the cold spell.

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Spring is here! Now it gets busy...

Wonderful to see the early spring blossom all around us.  The bees will be working this hard as long as the temperature is warm enough for them to fly.  They will be needing to bring in lots of pollen to feed the new brood that the queen is now busy laying with the lengthening daylight hours.  Here is some early cherry plum in blossom: Bees bringing back the pollen having done their work pollinating the blossom: They also venture out to gather water which is used to dissolve crystalised honey which they then feed upon and to create the brood...

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Welcome to Cooper's Honey & Bees!

Our website is finally here! We hope you enjoy browsing our site and catching up on all our latest news.

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